Things You Need to Consider While Preparing the Design for T Shirt Printing

Unlike common graphic designing, being a graphic designer for t shirt printing can be pretty nerve-wrecking. More often than not, the design you have been working for hours is rejected because the printer think it will not work out. To make sure things like this will not happen, this article will give you some tips you need to prepare your design.

The following list explain several things you need to consider while preparing your t-shirt design.

  • Set the halftones with the PMS color mode: it is better to set your color mode in PMS mode instead of CMYK and RGB mode to make sure your design has the best color representation with the silkscreen. There are times when the budget and/or the design may need to use halftones to reduce the number of colors printed. To solve this issue, you can cut down the color scale to certain percentage, can be 40 or 50 percent, of the PMS color mode. The printer will handle the rest using the color separations software.
  • Expand the strokes: after you have set every colors you use on PMS modes properly, then the software for color separations should face no issue. However, there are some human errors that may occur due because there are times when strokes are unnoticed. Despite not being a major mistake, it can possibly ruin a great masterpiece you have created for hours. You need to expand the stroke to avoid this unnecessary problem. Before sending your work, re-check everything and make sure all strokes have been expanded.
  • Use vector as many as possible: if it is possible, use as many vector artwork as possible in your design. Using vector artwork make the separations of color way easier and the results will also come way cleaner, especially for smaller details. This can be considered a common rule among graphic designer during daily jobs. It will also help to make your design stay sharp despite being enlarged couple times. It may be quite heavy to use a lot of vector, so make sure your computer specifications are suitable for heavy graphic designing.

There are still several things that you need to prepare before submitting your custom t-shirt design to the printer, such as creating the artwork on real size and converting every text to outlines. However, the three mentioned above are some of the most important ones that people often miss out. So, make sure you do not forget these tips!

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